Develop Toss


  • If you want to develop Toss on Ubuntu, here is a command with a list of packages to install.
    sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev m4 libopenmpi-dev xsltproc phantomjs g++
  • To develop Toss on MacOSX, we recommend to install MacPorts (Xcode required) and do the following.
    sudo port install zlib m4 openmpi-devel libxslt phantomjs
  • On other systems you can compile from sources. Get these programs.
    M4, zLib, Open MPI, and optionally xsltproc and phantomjs


  • Install OPAM and then do:
    opam install menhir; opam install js_of_ocaml; opam install mpi
  • This command will checkout the Toss SVN Repository to the Toss directory.
    svn checkout svn:// Toss
    To be able to commit you need an account at SourceForge and the following command to check out.
    svn checkout --username=your-sf-username svn+ssh:// Toss
  • In the Toss directory run make and check that it succeeds. (Complete the preparation steps above first!)


Understanding Toss

Working with the Toss Team

If you have an idea for Toss, a request, want to become a developer or just want to talk, contact us! Most engaged Toss developers do respond to Toss questions on their private emails every day (see below), but toss-devel is the place we prefer.
  • Toss Mailing List: toss-devel [AT]
  • Łukasz Kaiser: lukaszkaiser [AT]
  • Łukasz Stafiniak: lukstafi [AT]