Contact and Links

Contact and Links


Toss is an open source project hosted by SourceForge and distributed under the BSD licence.
Contact us by writing to: toss-devel [AT]

Toss Links


Toss originates from our work in the AlgoSyn research group. Many people contributed, here we name just a few. Currently working:
  • Łukasz Kaiser (lukaszkaiser [AT]
  • Łukasz Stafiniak
Friends who helped us a lot with discussion and code.
  • Faried Abu Zaid
  • Dietmar Berwanger
  • Matko Botincan
  • Diana Fischer
  • Tobias Ganzow
  • Florian Horn
  • Skip Jordan
  • Simon Leßenich
  • Sasha Rubin
  • Michał Wójcik
Yet another group of people, who worked on the oldest version of Toss (around 2004), was lead by:
  • Alexander Kharitonov
  • Peter Cholewinski

Game Playing Links

  • Apronus Chess Board Editor is our favorite site for simple chess board editing.
  • Gridlock is a collection of open-source board games. It is nice to play but is does not allow you to change the game in any easy way.
  • Zillions of Games is a language for defining games together with a simulator and a large library of games. It is very nice but unluckily not open source.
  • Kurnik is a polish site on which you can play various games.
  • Abstract Strategy Games site allows you to learn and play such games.
  • Your Turn My Turn allows you to play various board games online.

Modelling Links

  • Step is an open-source physics simulator, a part of the KDE Education Project. It can be used for simulation of systems with continuous dynamics.
  • STELLA is a commercial simulator allowing both continuous and discrete dynamics.
  • Ptolemy project studies modelling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. This advanced project allows to use various models of computation that govern the interactions between components.